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FAA Issues Notice Re: RUUDY 6 Pilot Deviations

This morning the FAA issued the following notice regarding Teterboro Airport RUUDY 6 SID pilot deviations. Please share this information within your flight department and with others in the business aviation community.

"Teterboro Airport SID Deviations
Notice Number: NOTC7799

The Ruudy Six departure continues to incur both lateral, but in particular, vertical pilot deviations. Due to the proximity of Newark and other area airports it is imperative to follow the RNAV(RNP1) departure procedure to Performance Based Navigation (PBN) standards. Do not drift left off course to avoid noise monitors. Do not climb above 1500 until passing Wentz intersection. There is only 1000 feet of separation with overhead traffic at Wentz. When issued the clearance to "climb via the SID" all altitude restrictions must be complied with as depicted on the chart.

Attached are excerpts from the Aeronautical Information Manual and the Controllers handbook explaining the Climb Via procedure. An expanded explanation is in chapter 4 and 5 of the AIM.

Further information can be found on the Teterboro Users Group website and in KTEB Notice to Airmen (Letters to Airmen section)"

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Source: Teterboro Users Group (06/05/18)