Easier Olympic Security Checks Outside Rio, So Paulo

With the Rio Olympics set to open next Friday, business jet operators flying in for the event are being urged to arrange itineraries to undergo additional security checks outside Olympic host city Rio and the São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, the expected entry for 40% of delegations and visitors. “Security inspections at Guarulhos might take 2.5 to 3.5 hours or more, depending on the availability of the Federal Police. For airplanes coming from the U.S., Manaus or Brasilia would tend to be quicker. From Europe, Recife is the best choice,” Universal Weather and Aviation supervisor Adonis Bastos told AIN.

Patricia Aliperti of Brazilian handler Orbital also suggested Manaus and Recife. “For aircraft with sufficient autonomy to reach Rio de Janeiro, we suggest Cabo Frio Airport, since it's an international airport, outside the yellow zone, that doesn’t require slots and has ease of movement, with much faster customs operations,” she said, also noting “much cheaper” handling, parking and airport fees.

Orbital estimates that the actual aircraft inspection should take no more than 30 minutes, “but with the Federal Police acceptance, and presenting the flight plan…the complete process will take about an hour. But than can vary a bit,” she said. According to Orbital, security inspection fees may range up to $750, depending on aircraft model and location.

Source: AIN Online (07/28/16)


Brazil ATC Briefing Pilots on Olympic Airspace

São Paulo ATC officials are briefing pilots on Olympic airspace restrictions in a series of free workshops this week. On Monday night, Air Force Major Ubiraci da Silva Pereira emphasized four steps to help general aviation aircraft operators avoid being considered suspect or hostile during the Olympics airspace restrictions: file a complete flight plan, ensure bilateral communications, maintain the assigned transponder code and keepto the authorized flight plan.

Before entering airspace restricted for the Olympics, general aviation aircraft must undergo a security inspection to receive a code required for filing a flight plan. After flight plan approval, pilots must call a special number manned by five ATC officials for a detailed briefing specifying the exact route. Just in case, pilots were instructed on how to behave if intercepted.

There are still kinks, as the security inspection and flight plan might take three hours or more at airports that limit ramp parking time to two hours. Round-the-clock restrictions in Rio include closing the main general aviation airport, Jacarepaguá, next to the Olympic Village, though in the cities that host only soccer games, restrictions are around game times only.

At Monday’s session at Anhembi-Morumbi University's civil aviation school, coordinated by helicopter pilots' association Abraphe, questions focused on maintaining normal operations during the Games.

Source: AIN Online (07/27/16)


Ground Support at the 2016 Olympic Games

While Rio may far from your home base, these six business jet and engine manufacturers’ service support organizations are working to ensure that your flights to and from the Olympics are as smooth and trouble-free as possible – even if you experience a maintenance issue upon arrival.

That is no easy task, when your jet will be one of hundreds anticipated by Brazilian aviation authorities to arrive between August 5 and 21 at one of the six airports serving greater Rio de Janeiro and the various Olympic venues. And as noted, all Rio-area airports will require landing and ramp reservations issued in advance by the local Civil Aviation Authority, the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC).

When it’s time to depart after the medal award ceremonies, the last thing you’ll want to find is that your aircraft is AOG (Aircraft On Ground), unable to depart for maintenance reasons. That’s why many business aircraft manufacturers and aviation service companies are staging technicians, parts, and tooling in Brazil on standby, to keep you flying and on schedule after the Closing Ceremonies. Here’s who is offering what:


Gulfstream will have employees in Rio from August 3 through 29 to support customers attending the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The bulk of the customer support in Rio will be provided by four to six technicians from Gulfstream’s service center in Sorocaba, Brazil; two technicians on assignment from Gulfstream headquarters in Savannah, Georgia; and three Gulfstream Field Service Representatives based in Brazil. Two or three additional technicians based in Savannah will be on standby in case they are needed. Gulfstream has secured Visas for those U.S.-based employees. Most of the support will be based at Rio’s main airport, Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport, and Gulfstream also will have support personnel positioned at two other Rio-area airports. Beginning on August 3, Gulfstream will have access to hangar space at Aero Rio Táxi Aéreo Ltda, a local aircraft services company and Gulfstream operator based at Rio International. Gulfstream has partnered with major suppliers Honeywell and Rolls-Royce to stage parts there as well

Toll-Free: 1-800-810-4853 | Phone: (912) 965-4178
Visit the Gulfstream website for more information.


Bombardier: To ensure the highest level of Bombardier Business Aircraft support for all Learjet, Challenger, and Global aircraft owners throughout the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, customers are encouraged to pre-register here.

Toll-Free: 1-866-538-1247 | International: (+1) 514-855-2999
Challenger & Global E-mail: Learjet


Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) will have strong customer support for all aircraft equipped with P&WC engines at the 2016 Olympic Games and across the region. Its support presence includes:

• A Field Support Representative (FSR) based in Rio de Janeiro;
• Four additional FSRs in São Paulo and São José dos Campos;
• A Mobile Repair Team (MRT) available out of the P&WC do Brasil facility in Sorocaba, Brazil;
• In-region Customer Manager support;
• P&WC rental engines, including the PW307A and PW308C, available in Brazil.

P&WC also may have other rental engines available in Brazil in addition to those listed.

24-Hour Global Service: USA & Canada: 1 800-268- 8000
International (where available) | (Int’l Access Code): + 8000-268- 8000
Globally: 1 450-647- 8000 | Email:
Visit the P&WC website for more information


Dassault: Since 2010, Dassault Aircraft Services (DAS) has operated the first OEM-owned service center in Brazil, located at Sorocaba, about 300 miles west of Rio de Janeiro. DAS Sorocaba offers maintenance capabilities exceeding those of a line service center. With 24/7 AOG “Go” Team Support available throughout the Olympics, and an additional $4 million in onsite spares inventory in preparation for the Olympics, Falcon Jet owners attending the Olympics can enjoy the Games knowing that virtually any maintenance issue encountered can be resolved in Rio before heading home.

DAS Sorocaba has repair certifications for Brazil, FAA, EASA, Argentina, Bermuda and Uruguay, and its Field Technical Reps will rotate throughout the country. It also has special authorization to sign off on FAA-, EASA-, and Brazil-registered aircraft.

Toll-Free: 1-800-232-5266
Service Phone: (201) 541-4747 | Spares Phone: (201) 541-4809


Embraer: In addition to the field support representative based in Rio de Janeiro, a team of highly-skilled engineers and technicians from Embraer's Service Centers in Brazil will be available 24/7 during the Olympics. Field support representatives also will be based in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, and Salvador, which are among the cities where 16 national teams will compete in the Olympic Football (Soccer) Tournament.

Sorocaba 24/7: (+55) 15-3416-2696 | Toll-Free: 1-800-232-5266
Service Phone: (201) 541-4747 | Spares Phone: (201) 541-4809
Visit the Embraer website for more information.


Honeywell will have Technical Service Engineers in Brazil to support customers standing by in the event they are needed to support any AOG engine or avionics service requirements during the Summer Games. Honeywell recommends that owners and operators contact maintenance support through its Aerospace Technical Support (ATS) group, for remote troubleshooting to determine if dispatching one of the TSEs for further onsite support is needed. Honeywell’s ATS group is available via its AOG call center 24 hours/7 days a week toll free.

AOG support will be available through the Honeywell AOG Desk.

1-855-808-6500 ext. 0451 (toll free US & CANADA) option: 1 or 2
1-602-365-6500 ext. 0451 (INTL) option: 1 or 2

For Immediate help, please contact Aerospace Technical Support at:

24/7 AOG Part Support 1-800-601-3099 Option 4 (US/CAN)
1-602-365-3099 Option 4 (International) | Email:


Source: Business Aviation Advisor (07/11/16)


Brazil Tests Bizav Pre-clear for Rio Olympics

Brazil is preparing for aviation security measures for the Olympics, which will include airspace restrictions in force from July 24 until after the Paralympics end in September. Airspace restrictions will include a 7.4-km (four-nm) radius “red zone” around stadiums during games and the closure of Rio's main general aviation airport, Jacarepaguá, near the Olympic Village, to all but public-safety use.

Business aircraft using Rio airspace will be subject to additional security inspections, similar to those for commercial aviation, from August 3 to 22 and September 7 to 19, by designated private companies at 8 hub airports. At Guarulhos, Manaus, Galeão and Recife, inspections will be performed by Universal Weather and Aviation and Brazilian ground handler Grupo Orbital; at Porto Alegre and Rio Santos Dumont by Orbital only; and at Cabo Frio by airport concessionaire Costa do Sol.

Inspection simulations will be conducted at these airports before next month. On Friday, Universal and Orbital managers, 2 inspectors from Brazil’s national aviation authority ANAC and federal police conducted such a simulated inspection at Guarulhos International Airport.

An airport spokesman told AIN that a terrorism simulation was also conducted last week and the arrival of the Brazilian national soccer team served to test its dedicated “Olympic Terminal” for foreign delegations, about 40% of which are expected to come through Guarulhos on commercial flights, including the 500-member Chinese delegation. São Paulo will be hosting 10 soccer games during the Olympics, more than the 6 held during the 2014 World Cup.


Source: AIN Online (07/18/16)