KTEB To Use Quiet Visual 19

Teterboro Tower and NY TRACON have informed us that, effective as early as this week, when Teterboro is operating on a southerly flow and the weather is better than 3500’-5, the KTEB ATIS will advertise the approach in use as the Quiet Visual 19.

While flight crews are not required to accept the approach and can instead request the ILS 19, the FAA is encouraging use of the Quiet Visual, which is undergoing a 6-month test period that began on April 4. Environmental and track data gathered during the test period will be used not only to determine whether this approach will become permanent, but also to support implementation of the RNAV GPS 19 and 24 IAPs, which share transition fixes (STRAD and SKUBY) with the Quiet Visual.

The KTEB Quiet Visual 19 approach, designated RNAV-V 19, is now available for retrieval from certain, e.g. Honeywell, FMS databases, and includes all approach and rejected landing procedure waypoints and altitude restrictions.

The ability to load the approach from the database will reduce pilot workload and encourage acceptance of the procedure. Please review the Quiet Visual approach plate at your earliest convenience, as you can expect to fly the procedure in the near future.



Source: Teterboro Users Group (16/06/16)