Air Elite FBO Network Expands to Cyprus

Skylink Services, the lone ground handling service provider for business aircraft at Cyprus’ Larnaca International Airport, became the 52nd member of the Air Elite Nework, an international group of FBOs established in 2011 from the remnants of the Avitat network.

Skylink’s 17,000-sq-ft facility is open 24/7 and features a spacious lounge that can accommodate 60 passengers at any given time, refreshments, a private meeting room with state-of-the-art media and visual equipment, complimentary Wi-Fi access and car rental.

A separate crew rest area and briefing facility with flight planning and weather services is also available. The FBO also offers on-site customs, immigration, and security screening, along with aircraft refueling, landing parking and overflight permits. It operates a fleet of top-end Mercedes and BMWs for executive transportation. The

Cyprus government selected Skylink to construct and operate the airport’s heads-of-state lounge facility, which is reserved for visiting dignitaries.


Source: AIN Online (04/08/2016)


Brazil airports prepare for Bizjet rush during Olympics

Brazil’s Sorocaba Airport will be a “bedroom community for business jets” during the Olympics Games this summer in Rio, according to Embraer, which established an FBO and MRO facility at the São Paulo-area airfield two years ago. Dassault Falcon and Gulfstream also selected the airport, which is 22 nm from São Paulo and 240 nm from Rio, as the location for their respective factory maintenance centers in Brazil.

Embraer received just 40 business jets during the month-long 2014 World Cup but can simultaneously park up to 25 large business jets between its hangar and ramp. The full-service FBO there is Embraer’s first. Its MRO is certified by Brazil’sANAC and, just last month, the EASA; FAA approval is expected before the Olympic torch arrives.

Meanwhile, space at Rio de Janeiro’s airports will be tighter than during the World Cup, with more than 100 head-of-state aircraft expected, with no plans yet announced for the high-density parking that handled business jets during the Cup final.

Last week, the Brazilian Air Force announced that Rio’s downtown Santos Dumont Airport will stretch its normal 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. hours until midnight for commercial flights and all night long for business aviation during the Olympics from August 3 to August 23. This will allow the airport to handle an additional 180 general aviation aircraft movements per night. However, the bayside airport will be closed afternoons August 8 to 18 during sailing events.

Slots for Olympics aircraft arrivals at eight Rio airports will be allocated starting in June.


Source: AIN Online (04/04/2016)


KTEB Quiet Visual Rwy 19

FAA published the KTEB Quiet Visual Rwy 19 Charted Visual Flight Procedure (CVFP), and a 180-day test period will begin on April 4. Yesterday, the FAA held a public meeting, attended by TUG, to explain the procedure, which was designed to mitigate noise issues associated with the current approach path that flies directly over the Hackensack Medical Center.

The new approach path will move aircraft slightly to the west of the hospital. A noise review and environmental study will be conducted after the 180-day test period to determine if the procedure will become permanent.

Minimum weather conditions for this procedure are a ceiling of 3500 feet and visibility of 5 miles. Flight operators can expect ATC clearance for the Quiet Visual when weather conditions are satisfied and Runway 19 is used for arrivals.

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Source: Teterboro Users Group