Sorocaba Airport to be analyzed to receive International Status

Five Brazilian airports request international status

A working group established by the Brazilian airport authorities will set the guidelines for the internationalization of airports in the country.

The decision was made by Conaero (National Commission of Airport Authorities), after noticing that that there are now five airport s in Brazil requesting the international status and one airport and asking to remove the international status - and no general rule for the procedure of those requests.

Conaero goal is to discuss and stipulate the policies and strategies for conducting the process.

The group is now reviewing requests from airports in Sorocaba (SP), Porto Velho (RO), Rio Branco (AC), Cabo Frio (RJ) and future Catarina Airport in São Roque (SP).

Coordinated by the Department of Civil Aviation, the working group is composed of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), Infraero, Air Force, IBAMA, the Federal Police, IRS, ANVISA (attached Health Agency) and Vigiagro (linked to Agriculture Agency).

According to group members, the desired situation is the definition of a policy of internationalization of airports as regional and national development strategy; strengthening the structures of government agencies aimed at supporting the international air traffic operations; and maintaining current technical process of internationalization.

Today, the situation is as follows: the airport operator requests to public agencies (IRS, PF, ANVISA and Vigiagro) a certificate of attendance capacity of the international air traffic operations.

Following the previous process, ANAC analyze these affidavits and other documentation, and if the operator complies with the legal requirements, Anac recognizes the airport as international.

The Agency’s complain about the large amount of requests and insufficient human and logistical resources to meet all of them.

"The Federal Police is in the standardization process of examination of the requests and legal opinions. Issues such as inspection criteria, requirements and normative instruction model are still being studied, "says André Zaca Furquim, representative of the Federal Police in the Working Group.

"We also need to discuss whether we approve the airport project in early stages or when it is almost ready. Once the guideline is approved, we have secured resources to do our work at strategic airports."

The representative of Anac, Luís Gustavo Carneiro, said it is important that agencies understand know how an airport works.

"After all, we have more than 30 airports with international flights in Brazil. We need to treat each case as one and define the ports of entrance and exit of the country, "he said.

The IRS agency (Receita Federal) are responsible for the "Customs areas “of the airports, and apply inspection. "There are airports, however, that do not justify the customs area 24 hours a day," said Antonio Braga Nephew, representative of the agency in the Conaero group.

The airport Uruguayana in Rio Grande do Sul, for example, withdrawn the customs area. The same happened to Porto Velho.

"Some airports ask for internationalization, but do not give conditions for work. We Believe they are misrepresenting claims for internationalization. Sometimes arrive four requests for the same airport at the same time, "he explained.

Another problem is how to meet a request for an international airport that is close to another that is already international.

According to Paul Possas, Airport Management Director of the SAC, a possibility being discussed is to qualify international airports "on demand" - the teams would be mobilized only when there were international flights.

It happened, for example, in Cuiabá Airport during the World Cup.

Ricardo Rocha, also of SAC, said the idea is, at first, try to identify the problems of each agency.

"We need to know if the agencies have sufficient staff to meet the demands. And if you have not, how can you meet them "he said.

Source: Brazil Portal (11/18/2014)


Teterboro Airport will host chief pilot webinar for operators

Chief Pilot Webinar – Thursday, Nov. 13 at 1:00pm EST

Teterboro Airport will be hosting the fall/winter Chief Pilot Webinar on Thursday, November 13th at 1:00pm, and we welcome your participation and input for the agenda. Currently, we plan to discuss:

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- Approach & Departure Procedures
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- Dalton 2 Departure

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