· Largest FBO facility in Brazil with 96,961.30 ft² / 9.008 of premium hangar space
· Largest aircraft parking ramp at Sorocaba Airport with 69,642.50 ft² / 6.470 m²
· Aircraft handling capabilities up to Embraer Lineage 1000
· Hangar facilities for transient and based aircraft
· Toilet and water services
· Towing and air start capabilities
· Aircraft equipment storage room
· Aircraft cleaning provider on site
· Full range of aircraft services by on site aviation vendors
· Fuel service coordination with local providers

· Highly trained line service staff
· Annually recurrent training of line service personal
· Wing walkers for every aircraft marshaling, pushback and towing
· Line service crew equipped with high visual vest, protective headset, emergency whistles and aircraft marshaling wands.
· Ground support equipment by premier brands
· Loss and damage insurance coverage
· Wide hangar clear span
· Clear walls inside the hangars
· Hangar weight capabilities up to Embraer Lineage 1000
· Zero ramp elevation
· 100% concrete made aircraft parking ramp
· Aircraft parking on ramp with tie downs and rubber wheel chocks
· High standard fire alarm and extinguisher system
· Isolated flammable products storage room
· Fuel spill kits strategically stored
· Daily ramp FOD inspections

Ground Support Equipments
· Potable water cart
· Lavatory cart
· Eco friendly towbareless tug
· Aircraft diesel tug
· Several towbars and heads attachments for a full range o aircraft types
· Portable air conditioner
· Wheelchair
· Baggage cart
· Electric golf cart
· Airport transportation van

Large aircraft handling capabilities

Dedicated line service team

Aircraft safe environment

Full range of aircraft services by on site aviation vendors


 Amenities & Facilities & Services
· State of the art VIP lounge with complimentary wireless high speed internet, cable TV, premier magazines and newspapers
· Lounge buffet with gourmet snacks and refreshments
· Exclusive design gentlemen’s and ladies room
· Private baby nursing room
· Deluxe executive conference room seating up to 10 people with complimentary wireless internet, video-conference and audio conference
· Private telephone room
· Luxurious hotel style suites
· Fitness center with a full range o equipments
· Garden style airport runway balcony observatory
· Direct access from VIP lounge to aircraft ramp
· VIP ground transportation service with local provider
· Helicopter shuttle arrangements with local provider
· On-site rent a car provider
· Exclusive parking spot for passengers vehicle
· Dedicated customer service staff
· Premier concierge service
· Special needs guests friendly environment
· Pet friendly environment

· FBO controlled access by bullet proof guard house
· 24 hours On-site security staff
· 24 hours hangar & ramp video surveillance
· FBO perimeter security patrol
· 11.15 feet height security walls with electric fences
· Escorted ramp access
· Bullet proof cars transportation with local provider
· Exclusive lounge for private body guards and chauffeurs

Hospitaliy and privacy

Luxurious VIP lounge

Gourmet catering provider on site

24 hours security staff


 Amenities & Facilities & Services
· Exclusive crew lounge with complimentary refreshments & snacks, wireless internet, large flat screens TV’s, massage chairs and poker & pool table.
· On-site flight planning room equipped with, PC's, printers, WSI and data ports
· FBO coordination radio frequency
· Pilot’s cafeteria with vending machines
· Hotel style suites on site
· Fitness center
· Exclusive balcony for group meetings events, barbecue and cocktails party
· Auditorium for aviation training and recurrent class
· Office space for base tenants
· Loading and unloading of baggage
· Baggage handling and transfers
· On-site Gourmet catering provider
· Catering storage
· Dishwashing service
· Laundry washing Service
· Mail handling, sorting and distribution
· Hotel reservation arrangements
· Complimentary shuttle service for local hotels, restaurants and malls
· Private car parking for crew
· On-site rent a car provider
· Car spa service

Easy quick turns operation

Flight planning room

Exclusive state of the art crew lounge

Hotel style suites